About us…

Introducing our Membership theme for 19/20!

We are here for the children, the community and your family! Learn more soon!

We host community building family events, sponsor field trips, run appreciation events, and NEW this year, we’re hosting an amazing “parent learning series” (still working on the name) covering a range of topics like anxiety, literacy, and internet safety!

These will be age-based and provided at both the ECLC and BES so we can address parents concerns and provide learning materials for incredibly specific age ranges. There’s a BIG difference between K and 4th and we want to provide as much support as possible. Thank you to the administration at both schools for their partnership and support of this initiative!

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Yankee Candle orders are in!

The wait is over! Yankee Candle orders are in and ready to be picked up! 

You can pick them up at the schools tomorrow during school hours! 

The ECLC orders are located in the multipurpose room where you pick up students. At BES, you may pick them up by checking-in at the office. 

If you need to make special arrangements to pick up your orders outside of school hours, please contact us at barringtonNHPTA@gmail.com to set up a pick up date and time. 

Thank you again for your support – a fundraising report will be posted to our website soon.

Incorporating the students in Educator Appreciation Week!

Appreciation is a learned skill and with 📣Educator Appreciation Week📣 just around the corner, our PTA want to make sure we include the STUDENTS!

Each day next week will have a 🌟FREE🌟student-based SIMPLE and EASY activity!

But wait, don’t worry!

These will ALL be done at school and require NO at home extra work 😉. (I have 2 kids in the BYA right now, so I get how busy after school life is!)

Volunteers will help remind students as they walk in each day what the activity is AND bright posters will be hung around the school to remind them!

This flyer will be distributed the following ways:

1️⃣ via email blast from the schools

2️⃣ sent home in backpacks this week to post on your fridge or the bottom of your school paperwork pile, if you’re like me 🤪

3️⃣ posted each day on our media sites

4️⃣ on our events page where each day has an event so if you mark “interested” or “going” FB will send you a reminder! Yay, technology!

PLEASE share this post so the word gets out! Thank you for spreading the word!

Educator Appreciation Week School Supply Donation Sign up!

If you are able, please consider donating one (or more!) of the items listed on the sign up genius image below: Sign Up!

This year we are doing this a bit differently. First, we are asking for less of a variety of supplies. Second, we are asking for specific items. We include links to Amazon to guide you when applicable. Why are we doing this? To ensure all staff are able to receive the same donations of each item so that no one misses out!

The Barrington PTA donates $108.00 to purchase, in bulk, over 100 hand sanitizer pump’s. Every staff member will get a bottle! We need help to get the remaining items in the list.

Items can be delivered to either school between now and May 7th!!! Donation boxes will be put up in the main entrances.

Thank you in advance, Barrington Families!