Math Night Thursday! Volunteers Needed!



This Thursday October 24th is Family Math Night at BES from 5:30-7pm.  Yay!  A great night of math fun!

We still need some volunteers please email us at if you are willing 😀 Thank You!

Why should you attend Math Night?

  • Math Night helps kids overcome their anxiety about math, with unusual topics to spark their interest and volunteers to help them when they get stuck.
  • Math Night introduces math topics in a different way than they are introduced in class, appealing to the kids’ differing learning styles.
  • Math Night helps kids understand how math applys to many different kinds of problems in the real world.
  • Math Night teaches kids about mathematicians and their discoveries and contributions.
  • Math Night gives busy parents and teachers one more chance to connect with each other, and with resources in their community.
  • Math Night shows parents what their kids are learning about math.
  • Math Night gives teachers feedback about their school’s math curriculum.
  • Math Night shows kids that math is fun!


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Join Today!


For the third year, the Barrington Elementary & ECLC PTA has teamed up with your favorite local vendors to bring discounted offers to you!  These popular discount cards are only $10 each, can be used once a day at each vendor, and are good thru October 31st 2014 – this gives you an entire year of savings!

Check Out the amazing discounts!!


Orders will be sent home with students starting the week of October 21st.  While they last, cards will also be available during PTA functions and in each school’s main office starting in late October (BES & ECLC).

Email us @ to order or send in the following form to BES or the ECLC.

Discount Card Order Form

or view the Discount Card Brochure:





Save Those Box Tops!


Our Box Top drive is full force!

From now until October 25 we will be collecting Box Tops from both the ECLC and BES.

Box Tops are a simple and great way to support your school.  Last year we collected over $3,500 worth!  Making Barrington  BES and ECLC the 4th largest Box Top total in New Hampshire. This year we hope to raise over $4,000.  Please continue to save and send them into the school with your child, every little bit helps.

The class that collects the most Box Tops at each school will win an a prize awarded in November.

To learn more,  visit or contact our Box Tops Coordinators Abby Hatfield and Elizabeth Escabi at

Thank You for helping to make a difference in Barrington Schools!


Barrington Showcase Update

What a great day at the Barrington Showcase!
Here is a quick overview:
  • We raised over $250 at the Showcase (PTA Membership and Discount Card Pre-Sales efforts.)
  • We donated $30 worth of school supplies to BES teacher Fran Farmer who was voted “favorite teacher” by students attending the showcase.
  • We helped raise awareness that school supplies were not funded through the annual budget but rather have become the responsibility of teachers and individual parents and so the PTA is trying to partner with Staples Rewards and via the National PTA to help raise support and pass along new discounts this year (10% off to every PTA Member.)


All PTA Members are encouraged to show their support this fall by adding a leaf to our PTA Family Tree!

Member PTA Meeting September 18th


Thank you to all who came out to the meeting September 18th at the ECLC.  It felt wonderful to see your support.

For those who couldn’t make it here is a quick recap of the evening.  The minutes are available here and also on the minutes page here.

We started the evening with some introductions of all the team members that were there at that evening.  Including:

Vice President: Kim Nicols

Communications Coordinator: Lyndsey MacDougall

Secretary: Debbie Langlois

Box Tops Coordinator: Abby Hatfield

Treasurers: Valerie Correia and Sheri Millette

Second Vice President:  Janice Rabchenuk

Michelle Foley: ECLC principle

Pam Lenzi: ECLC Teacher Representative


New Kindergarten Teachers; Mrs. Labbe and Mrs. Ruest received a monetary gift from the PTA to help with the cost of outfitting a new classroom. Often this come out of the teachers own pocket! Hopefully, this was a small blessing to their bank account.


Before Voting on our budget for this upcoming school year, we discussed the a new item of $300 to be given to Laura Vittorioso, our REACH teacher to purchase certificates and awards for the Invention Convention.  Laura spoke of growing interest in the Invention Convention with many more participants every year. This year’s Invention Convention is tentatively scheduled for February 20th.


Discount Cards were discussed. Through our new connections the The Barrington Chamber Of Commerce we are elated to have our cards printed for just $2 each. Previously printed for $5 each.  Due to be available mid-October. Pre-Orders will be sold at the Barrington Expo.  Also a reminder, now that the PTA is a Member of the Chamber Of Commerce of Barrington, all PTA members are Members of the commerce as well.

Sarah Michaud was introduced as our NEW Volunteer Coordinator.

Our budget was voted on and approved.

Our NEW treasurer Valerie Correia was officially voted in.

Thank you Again to all those who attended!