Giving Tree Gift Card Tags

The Giving Trees this year have many gift cards to Walmart and Market Basket left to be taken.

So, what’s with all the gift cards?

We have had several questions about why so many, why they aren’t associated with a specific child, and general feelings that maybe providing “just” a gift card doesn’t feel like enough.

First, any donation at all of any kind is always amazing! Please know that above all!

Second, the gift cards are for our community. During times of an unexpected hardship and emergency, the Elementary School and ECLC do their absolute best to ensure that the children have their basic needs met. (coats, shoes, food, etc)

The PTA recently found out that often means that a staff member (or members) use their own money to provide those needs as they come up. While that is a noble cause and one that we appreciate, the PTA felt that we could help to facilitate a program that would take some of that financial burden off of them.

Let’s face it, no one goes into teaching to become a millionaire! The gift card donations in ANY amount ensure that the school and the staff can continue to provide the necessary services without having to pay for it themselves.

So, those gift cards may seem small but their purpose is a noble and needed one! If you haven’t picked a tag yet, please consider picking a gift card tag. It will go a long way in a time of crisis when help is needed the most!!

Thank you!


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