BoxTops update!

Can you believe we raised $1,622.00 in the winter drive?! 😲🤩

That translates to 16,220 tiny little BoxTops being sent in!!! 🙀🙀

…:::THANK YOU!!!:::… Barrington families for taking the time to send those in! That amount of money is equivalent to the ECLC AND BES summer reading books!!!

Posting classroom winners later today! Those winning classrooms get an 🍦 party!!!

((If you see Claire Phillips or Sarah Gould today give them a round of applause 👏🏻 because they run this program and are the lucky ones who get to count each BoxTop. 16,220 BoxTops. Let that sink in for a moment. You ladies are fantastic!!))

Barrington School Foundation

📚 attention parents! Tonight I’ll be attending a brainstorming meeting for the amazing Barrington School Foundation. That program is responsible for the FREE monthly books given to children under 5! All of my kids have loved getting their books in the mail and I’ve loved adding to our home library!

If you cannot attend tonight, I urge you to review the meeting minutes and get involved whether through volunteering or donation. They do such important work in our community! 📚

The meeting starts at 6:30pm at the ECLC @ 77 Ramsdell Lane.

Margaritas Noche Night

I cannot be there tonight for the fundraiser and meet and greet because my youngest daughter has her first Art Show at her Daycare. It was rescheduled for tonight due to all the ❄️ storms we’ve had this month. My amazing Board will be there tonight though!

Parents everywhere understand the difficulty of the family schedule. That’s why when we say things like “no pressure to come to meetings” we really mean it because we get it! We live it!

So even though I can’t be there tonight, I’m here at Margaritas supporting the PTA by having lunch here! Take out counts too!! We get 20% of the bill including alcohol and you get a yummy meal! It’s a win, win!

Thank you!

Educator Grant Success!


The Special Education Teachers, the Learning Lab and the BEST program staff photographed with reward incentives that the PTA sponsored with their 2017-2018 Educator Grant!

Each of these bins were stocked full for these fantastic staff members to use in their classrooms. Our Special Education teachers need these incentives to keep students on track and focused. While incentives like these are needed, they aren’t always covered by the SAU Budget. That is where the Barrington PTA Educator Grant comes in! The purpose of that grant (which is solely funded by generous donations and fundraising programs) fills in the gaps where the SAU doesn’t cover!

So, on behalf of our PTA Board and the BES Special Education Team – thank you Barrington Families for your fundraising efforts. This was possible because of YOU!