Happy Administrative Professional’s Day 2018

Please join us in thanking our amazing administrative professionals at the SAU, BES, & the ECLC! If you see any of these people today please make sure to thank them!

– Pat Beech – Superintendent Assistant

– Ann Marie Cummings – ECLC Administrative Assistant

– Carol Hasty – Student Services Assistant

– Andrea Plona – BES Secretary

– Donna Shackelford – Special Education Secretary

– Melinda Stanley – Finance Assistant

– Cindy Taylor – BES Administrative Assistant

Our PTA couldn’t function without their help and support neither could the Schools or District. They are so dedicated to their jobs and go above & beyond their job descriptions. They do what needs to be done and they do it to perfection. A huge THANK YOU to you all!

Kindergarten Readiness Kit

We met some phenomenal parents & future kindergarteners tonight!!

We were so happy and grateful to be included in the presentation. We were also able to provide families with this Kindergarten Readiness Kit filled with lots of tools, toys, and guides to help our upcoming K class get as prepared as possible!

When will my child get to the book fair during school?

A common question we get about the Book Fair! Your child will be visiting the Book Fair during their scheduled Library UA time that week.

If your child doesn’t have Library scheduled that week, please contact the teacher to ask which day they plan on visiting the fair.

You also can set up your students eWallet and load money to their account. No more sending money into school with them! Whatever isn’t spent is returned to your debit/credit card at the conclusion of the fair. Simple! Follow the link to set it up!