REC aftercare 2020-2021 information

The Recreation Dept. has shared information on Before and After Care Programming for the 2020-2021 school year. There are changes in the registration process.

• Registration is open for the Aftercare Program that takes place here at the ECLC. All children attending Barrington ECLC (grades K-1) are eligible to enroll in the K.A.P. program.

• Registration forms are available at the Recreation Department. You may also call the office at (603)

664-5224 to request further information and /or Registration Forms.

• Please be sure you fill out your Registration Forms completely and drop off the packet at the

Recreation Office by FEBRUARY 3RD at 4:00pm

ECLC’s Boon Supply Fundraiser passes $1,000 mark! Getting closer to goal!

ECLC Families – We’ve👏passed👏the👏$1,000👏mark! That is enough for Field Trips for the Kindergarten for the whole year! THANK YOU! We still have $3K left to reach our goal! Help us to pay for programs like:

– Empowering Families Series
– Kindergarten Readiness Kits
– Giving Tree Gift supplementation (we purchase any “tags” that weren’t donated.)
– Appreciation Events (we sponsor MORE THAN 5 a school year!)
– ECLC Literacy Event
– Family Dance (Free for families!)
– Reflections Art Contest (info coming soon)
– End of Year Celebrations
– Free books to classrooms
– Staff dinners on conference nights
– Staff luncheons on screening days
…and EVEN more!

The Fundraiser ends on October 31!
Fundraiser ID: 969877
Checks payable to: Barrington PTA

BES Fundraiser reaches $10k goal!

Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to make the BES fundraiser such a success! We did it, you guys! We love you all from the bottom of our hearts and cannot wait to continue to support the students and staff of our Elementary School for the rest of the year! WAHOOO!

A note about tomorrow’s bounce-a-thon at BES!

BES Families, all students, regardless of if your family participated in fundraiser or not, will be bouncing tomorrow during their scheduled UA time!

Our mission is EVERY CHILD. ONE VOICE. So we would absolutely never, ever leave any child out of the F-U-N tomorrow.

Oh and don’t forget…please make sure to dress your child in comfortable clothing!

About us…

Introducing our Membership theme for 19/20!

We are here for the children, the community and your family! Learn more soon!

We host community building family events, sponsor field trips, run appreciation events, and NEW this year, we’re hosting an amazing “parent learning series” (still working on the name) covering a range of topics like anxiety, literacy, and internet safety!

These will be age-based and provided at both the ECLC and BES so we can address parents concerns and provide learning materials for incredibly specific age ranges. There’s a BIG difference between K and 4th and we want to provide as much support as possible. Thank you to the administration at both schools for their partnership and support of this initiative!

Follow us on Facebook for more info as the year starts soon!