Yankee Candle orders are in!

The wait is over! Yankee Candle orders are in and ready to be picked up! 

You can pick them up at the schools tomorrow during school hours! 

The ECLC orders are located in the multipurpose room where you pick up students. At BES, you may pick them up by checking-in at the office. 

If you need to make special arrangements to pick up your orders outside of school hours, please contact us at barringtonNHPTA@gmail.com to set up a pick up date and time. 

Thank you again for your support – a fundraising report will be posted to our website soon.


Box Tops Fall Drive

Thank you for sending the Box Tops in!

We’ll announce the classroom winners next week!

Every cent counts. Literally.

Think of what a child can do over 10 months:

1 box top per month = $1.00

10 box tops per month = $10.00

Think of what our schools can do over 10 months:

$1.00 x 600 students = $600.00

$10.00 x 600 students = $6,000.00!

Special thank you to Claire Phillips and Sarah Gould – our Box Tops committee chairs for the endless amounts of patience in counting and organizing all those tiny box tops! ✂️

Barrington PTA receives $1,000.00 donation from Taylor-Nici Family!

Thank youTaylor-NiciFamily!

Thank you to the Taylor-Nici family for their generous donation of $1,000.00 toward the Staff Spirit Wear shirts!!

Please shower them with “Thank you’s”! This donation allows our PTA to provide every staff member a 2017-2018 Spirit Wear shirt without effecting our budget!

Why does that matter? That means it frees up our budget to use on other events and programs!

THANK YOU TAYLOR-NICI FAMILY from the bottom of our hearts!

BoxTops update!

Can you believe we raised $1,622.00 in the winter drive?! 😲🤩

That translates to 16,220 tiny little BoxTops being sent in!!! 🙀🙀

…:::THANK YOU!!!:::… Barrington families for taking the time to send those in! That amount of money is equivalent to the ECLC AND BES summer reading books!!!

Posting classroom winners later today! Those winning classrooms get an 🍦 party!!!

((If you see Claire Phillips or Sarah Gould today give them a round of applause 👏🏻 because they run this program and are the lucky ones who get to count each BoxTop. 16,220 BoxTops. Let that sink in for a moment. You ladies are fantastic!!))

Educator Grant Success!


The Special Education Teachers, the Learning Lab and the BEST program staff photographed with reward incentives that the PTA sponsored with their 2017-2018 Educator Grant!

Each of these bins were stocked full for these fantastic staff members to use in their classrooms. Our Special Education teachers need these incentives to keep students on track and focused. While incentives like these are needed, they aren’t always covered by the SAU Budget. That is where the Barrington PTA Educator Grant comes in! The purpose of that grant (which is solely funded by generous donations and fundraising programs) fills in the gaps where the SAU doesn’t cover!

So, on behalf of our PTA Board and the BES Special Education Team – thank you Barrington Families for your fundraising efforts. This was possible because of YOU!