Summer reading book cost down 43%!

******* !!! Summer reading book cost down 43% !!! *******

Did you know that the Barrington PTA purchases the summer reading books for incoming grades 1-4?

And when I say “Barrington PTA” what I really mean is YOU give us the ABILITY to buy them through YOUR fundraising and donations!

To honor those funds, we do hours of research to get the very BEST price. We want EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. to be utilized the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

This year we partnered directly with Scholastic for a special program called FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. It’s a free program but you had to apply! This program allows schools to get DEEPLY DISCOUNTED books as well as other valuable reading resources.

Our usual spend on summer reading is $2,500.00. This year we were able to get all the summer reading books we needed for $1,421.20!!!

Thank you to the Scholastic Chairs, Jennifer Chesno and Carrie Neill and to Diane Messer, Reading Specialist, for taking the time to organize this effort!