Fundraising isn’t the only thing we do on the PTA but it sure is an important part of supporting the success of our school.  With the support of parents AND teachers, we’ve done a great job of it over the years raising over $40,000 annually.

The Top 10 Ways and Reasons Why Barrington PTA raises funds

1.)  Membership Dues – Provides event insurance and helps support the National and NH PTA which provide us with training, resources and recognition programs.

2.)  Fall Catalog Sales – This is our biggest fundraiser of the year (earning $15,000) and helps to underwrite the bulk of our school support.

3.)  Scholastic Book Fairs – Earns nearly $10,000 for our schools including free books for classrooms, summer reading programs and volunteer incentives.

4.)  Box Tops For Education – Turns “Trash Into Cash” and brings in over $3,200 annually.

5.)  Discount Cards – Helps support local businesses, gives great discounts to families and earns us a % of sales!  You don’t want to be without your PTA Discount Card.

6.)  Spirit Wear – Inspires Pride in our Students and our School and earns a % of sales.  

7.)  Off-Site Events – PTAs can partner with national chains like Chuck E’ Cheese, Wendy’s and Texas Roadhouse to earn up to 15% of sales for a specific date.  (Mark your calendars for Oct 24th our first off-site event at CEC in Newington)

8.)  On-line Sales – PTAs can partner with companies to earn a % of sales for Discounted Halloween Costumes, the Box Tops for Education Marketplace (visit or an extended fall catalog sales window at Great American Opportunities (visit

9.) Grants – PTAs can pursue small grants through companies like Kohl’s and Lowe’s from $500-$5,000 for special service projects complete with volunteers.

10.) Your Great Idea – There are so many more ideas that we would love to hear about…if you have an idea and want to lend a hand…let us know!  Contact us at


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