Fundraising. It’s not all we do and certainly not all we focus on but it’s a necessary part of any non-profit. Fundraising dollars allows us to follow through with all of our different programs that benefit the school and our students!

Barrington PTA Fundraisers
1.)  Membership Drive – Membership form – 20172018

2.)  Charleston Wrap Sales – Fall fundraiser running at both schools

3.)  Scholastic Book Fairs – a Fall and Spring book fair at each school

4.)  Box Tops For Education – year round fundraising

5.)  Discount Cards – Helps support local businesses, gives great discounts to families and earns us a % of sales!  You don’t want to be without your PTA Discount Card!

6.) Yankee Candle – Every spring running at both schools

7.)  Off-Site Events -PTA partners with Margaritas throughout the year for fun Noche nites where the PTA earns a % of the sales!

8.)  On-line Sales – PTAs can partner with companies to earn a % of sales on popular websites like Amazon! Check out our AmazonSmile account!

9.) Grants – PTAs can pursue small grants through companies like Kohl’s and Lowe’s from $500-$5,000 for special service projects complete with volunteers.

10.) Your Great Idea – There are so many more ideas that we would love to hear about…if you have an idea and want to lend a hand…let us know!  Contact us at



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