Yankee Candle Fundraiser 2018 FAQs + Documents

The one stop shop for copies + web links of everything we sent home!

Spring/Summer Yankee Candle Catalog



When are the order forms due back to school? Friday, March 30th.

Where do we pick up the orders? At your child’s school.

When will I be able to pick them up? We will update you as soon as we get a solid date. It will definitely be before Mother’s Day so get those gifts crossed off your list and shop our fundraiser!!

I don’t want to participate. Can I just donate instead? Absolutely! We don’t want any family to feel obligated to order or sell. No pressure. If you’d like to simply donate money instead, we are okay with that 🙂

What is the fundraising goal? Our goal this year is to raise $5,000.00! It’s a steep goal but I think we can do it!

Why are there two different group numbers for the ECLC and BES? That is simply to ease the difficulty of delivery to each school. In previous years, a Mom with a big mini-van or Facilities had to haul the ECLC only orders from BES to the ECLC. It was a nightmare! For parents with children in both schools, they’d have to go to EACH school to pick up their orders instead of picking up their entire order at one place. We don’t do classroom competitions so whichever form you fill out ONLY effects which school your delivery goes to!

Now you can choose which school you’d like to pick your order up from by filling out the form that corresponds with that school! If you have any questions about this, please call us or shoot us an email!