logoptaEvery school year parents are asked to join the Barrington ECLC/BES PTA.  Parent participation is a big part of what makes Barrington such a great school, and help us pay for crucial enrichment activities that the Barrington School District is not able to provide. The PTA pays for new books, field trip bus fees, recess equipment, school-wide events, funds for new teachers to supply their classrooms, teacher appreciation events, needed items like a new SMART board, an Art room rug and so much more.

Membership in our local PTA demonstrates the importance you place on educating all children, especially your own.  Everyone including parents, educators, students, and members of the community at large who actively support their schools are invited to join our not-for-profit association, the largest child advocacy association in the world.

Some Quick Facts:

  • Being a PTA Member does not require you to attend meetings, our volunteer, plan this years BBQ or do anything you don’t want or have time to do.  We are always looking for helping hands, but understand that it is not always possible.  Becoming a member shows your support.
  • Growth in PTA membership can help us receive grants from the National PTA worth thousands of dollars.
  • Your membership dues help pay for our dues to be PTA members.  This is important to get all the benefits of a PTA.  Discounts and insurance coverage at PTA events to name a couple.
  • PTA Memberships lasts for the entire school year and must be renewed annually.
  • Our goal for PTA Membership for the 2013-2014 year from parents and faculty is 100%.
  • Becoming a member comes with some awesome perks like a discount at PTA Events, Staples, T-Mobile, North American Power, and more!
  • Last year(2012-2013) we had a total gross revenue from fundraising efforts of over $50,000!

Please consider becoming a member this year! Below is a form you can print and send to school. Email, comment or FB with any questions.

membership form

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